Introducing Ruach


Introducing Ruach House Of Elohim, Inc. - Part 2

Presents The Ministries Division of Ruach 

We are a ministry with an uncompromising stand on the Bible. We believe in and teach the true Name of the Heavenly Father, Yahweh. We also proclaim the Son, who was originally named Yahshua, a name that means "Yahweh is salvation." The Savior's mission is reflected in His Name--to bring the message of salvation to earth.

We observe the seven annual Feast days of Leviticus 23, along with the seventh-day Sabbath of Genesis 2:1-4. The clean food laws of Leviticus 11 have never been rescinded in the New Testament (more correctly, "New Covenant"), and neither have any of the commandments and statutes given in the Old Testament.

We strive to be spiritual Israelites who are grafted into the promise given Israel of old, Romans 9 and 11. We realize that entrance into New Jerusalem in the future Kingdom to come to earth will be only through one of the 12 tribes of Israel and the keeping of Yahweh’s commandments, Matthew 19:17; Revelation 21:12,14. Therefore, our lives and worship must reflect the truths given to Israel of old and confirmed in the New Testament by those writers and teachers who continued the teachings of the ancient prophets, with added emphasis on our Savior's example of a righteous life.

If you are looking for a dedicated group of people who will not compromise with error and who have gone beyond "playing church," then we invite you to get in touch with us!

Ruach House Of Elohim, Inc. helps for the body of Messiah throughout the Metro Houston Area as a means to enhance the growth and development of our partner’s and visitors whom we serve.  These ministries include Benevolence, Children's, Ruach's Young People's Association, Biblical Education, Fellowship, Women's, Couples  Outreach Ministry and Worship.

A brief explanation of the objectives of these ministries are listed below. Please be advised that these ministries are publicly supported by volunteers and financial funding from individuals and public businesses throughout the Houston Metro Area. Should you choose to assist us by becoming a volunteer or though giving some other kind of service please fell free to contact our office at 281-416-9767. Thank you and may Yahweh ever bless you abundantly.


Benevolence Ministry

Caring for people, giving a helping hand…  The Benevolence mobilizes resources and provides services to persons within and beyond our fellowship walls who are experiencing health or welfare challenges. The primary goal of this ministry is to build relationships while meeting the immediate health or financial need.  We believe that by embracing you, you will reach up and embrace Yahweh.  Recipients are asked to perform a minimum of 40 hours of in-service by attending one or more of our fellowship services. For assistance, please contact the office at (281) 416-9767.


Visitation Ministry

The Visitation Ministry mission is to help extend the love, comfort and compassion of Yahshua Messiah to those who are admitted to the hospital or confined to their homes by illness and unable to attend services, whether permanent or temporary.  We desire to help all stay connected to Messiah and our fellowship family. For further information about the Visitation Ministry, feel free to contact the office at (281) 617-7456.


Children's Ministry

Our vision and purpose is to introduce Messiah early in the lives of our children and aid in their development and relationship with Yahweh and one another.  We desire to cultivate a love for Yahweh's children by bringing others into the family of Yahweh through illustrations, active play, worship and scripture presentations. For further information about the Children’s Ministry, feel free to contact the office at (281) (281) 617-7496. . .


Ruach's Young People's Association

Ruach Young People's Association is the Youth Ministry of Ruach which seeks to offer a holistic ministry to meet the spiritual, social, emotional and educational needs of our youth.  We encourage youth to pursue a close relationship with Messiah, characterized by trust and obedience by providing wholesome social outlets and healthy peer relations.For further information about the Youth Ministry, feel free to contact the office at (281) 617-7496.


Fellowship Ministries

Fellowship Ministries encompasses the Men, Women, and Singles' Ministries.  The fellowship ministries co-labors with other Ruach ministries to accomplish the overall goal of transformation by developing interpersonal relationships and promoting solid relationships with Yahweh and fellow fellowship partners and youth of the Houston Metro area. For further information about the Youth Ministry, feel free to contact the office at (281) 617-7496.


Women's Ministry

Our Women's Ministry's mission is to encourage and equip women to live victoriously and overcome life challenges, while providing them opportunities to connect with Yahweh and other women through worship, fellowship, service and outreach. We promote the teaching of Proverbs 31:10-31 as our model program for developing A Virtuous Woman. For further information about the Women’s Ministry, feel free to contact the office at (281) 617-7496.


Couples' Ministry

 “And the two shall become one flesh: so that they are no more two but one flesh. What therefore Yahweh has joined together, let not man put asunder”.    Mark 10:8-9

The Couple's Ministry promotes, develops, and fosters strong marriages and relationships. Our desire is to see families grow in Messiah-like maturity and have healthy long-lasting relationships. We aim to equip couples before and during marriage with tools that will strengthen and perpetuate marriages that are fulfilling and endure the tests of time.  For further information about the Women’s Ministry, feel free to contact the office at (281) 617-7496.

Program Components

Pre-martial Counseling

Quarterly Couples' Fellowships & Socials

Couples' Retreats & Seminars

Small Group Studies

Book/ Video Discussions & Events

Para-fellowship Conferences,(Family Life Conferences & Seminars)

Interactive Marriage Enrichment's Programs

Our goal is to see: (1) marriages and families grow and become salt and light (Matthew 5:13a, 14-16) by impacting families with Yahweh’s love and grace; (2) promote outreach to the unfellowshiped through small group studies and fellowship; and (3) foster more couple-to-couple mentoring.For further information about the Couple’s Ministry, feel free to contact the office at (281) 416-9767.


Outreach Ministry

  • Prison Ministry
  • Pen Pal Ministry

For further information about the Prison Ministry, feel free to contact the office at (281) 416-9767


Worship Ministry

Ruach's Worship Ministry recognizes that music is a very vital part of corporate worship.  Since worship is an expression of our love relationship with the Almighty, we endeavor to keep worship lively, vibrant and dynamic.  Our worship experience realizes and emphasizes that the main audience of our worship is actually Yahweh himself. For further information about the Worship Ministry, feel free to contact the office at (281) 617-7496.


Biblical Education

Biblical Education at Ruach House Of Elohim, Inc. is committed to presenting the Word of Yahweh in a way that transforms students into teachers, disciples into disciples and seekers into guides, utilizing multi-media: books, articles, quarterlies, tracts, handouts and group discussions. We have an extensive library and as our knowledge increases we shall offer more free of charge. For further information about the Biblical Education Ministry, feel free to contact the office at (281) 617-7496.




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